Gamer Romance Card Series: Legend of Zelda

Help slay relationship demons with this set of Zelda inspired greeting cards! Choose your favorite key item and send the geek in your life a wonderful surprise with this gift set of greeting cards featuring some of Link’s most powerful survival gear!

This set includes the following 12 cards:

Compass - You’ve never steered me wrong
Heart Container - I love you more than a thousand (hearts)
Raft - You take me to places I’ve never been before
Potion - You make me stronger
Shield - You’re my protector
Meat - You satisfy my hunger for adventure
Blue Candle - Our love could light a hundred dungeons
Blue Rupie - I love you this many…
Boomerang - Wherever you go I know you’ll find your way back to me
Magic Sword - I would slay demons for you
Red Ring - I promise to keep your enemies at bay
Bomb - You are literally the bomb

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